What is Drupal Synergy Camp?

The Drupal User Group Bulgaria is proud to invite you to the first Drupal Synergy Camp. It is the first instance of what we hope will become an annual event. We plan to bring together Drupal developers, themers, users and those willing to do their first steps in Drupal. Camp will be held on the weekend of the 2-3th September 2017 and is hosted by Work & Share Coworking Space, Sofia, 1113, Tintyava 15-17.

Who is organizing it?

Drupal Synergy Camp is organized and supported by number of Drupal enthusiasts - both individuals and companies - from in and around Sofia including Lachezar Valchev, Valery Lourie, Nikolai Ignatov, Angel Harizanov, Gabriela Todorova, Biser Simeonov, George Tarkalanov.

Why should I come?

  • Intriguing sessions for both beginners and advanced Drupalists
  • Meet a cheerful and warm Drupal community
  • We will work on porting COD (Conference Organizing Distribution) to Drupal 8
  • Last, but not least - explore the lively city of Sofia

How to get to the venue

Work & Share Coworking Space is located at a easy to reach area in the "Dianabad" neighborhood.

It's located in between two subway stations - Joliot-Curie (https://goo.gl/zV1PWK) and G.M. Dimitrov (https://goo.gl/ttiz15). We reccomend that you use the G.M. Dimitrov station. Here you can find the walking directions from both subway stations - https://goo.gl/W8VThf and https://goo.gl/LY3QpK. If you are flying to Sofi, you can use the subway station at the airport to reach both of the above mentioned stations directly. 

If you are arriving in Sofia by bus or train at Sofia Central Station, use the Central Station subway station to get here. There are 2 lines in the direction you need - "Business Park Sofia" and "Sofia Airport"  - both work fine for either of the 2 close-by stations.

If you think that going trough subway is too much troubles, you can always get a cab from outside the bus station or the airport. Distance is as follows: 
* from railway/bus station to Work & Share Coworking Space ( 15-17 Tintyava street )  - 8 km 
* from airport to Work & Share Coworking Space ( 15-17 Tintyava street ) - 9 km