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Our goal is to gather people not only from Bulgaria, but from surrounding countries as well. All Drupal enthusiasts are welcome, but also Laravel, Symfony and other PHP communities. Let's get to know each other and, as communities, to find the common ground to help each other by sharing ideas, experience and vision about the future of the web development. Our purpose is to bring together

Developers | Site Builders | Designers | Content Managers | Project Managers

Business Owners | Job Seekers | End Users | DevOps and more

We look forward to welcoming all professionals and enthusiasts. Also, why not making a serious contribution back to the global Drupal Community by porting the CoD (https://www.drupal.org/project/cod) distribution to the new Drupal 8 version with the help of everyone willing to join?

Our ambition is for that to become an annual event and straighten our proposal to organize much bigger and global event next year – The Drupal Dev Days 2018.

This is ambitious goal, and we need financial help to make it happen.

Interested? Please check our sponsor packages document. Together, we're aiming for success!

Yours sincerely,

Drupal Synergy team

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